Military – Hydraulic application

Our range of hydraulic solutions are perfectly suited for the military field, capable of meeting stringent requirements. Used for example for applications such as hydraulic boom tilting, cylinder control or antenna deployment.

EMS concept offers tailor-made projects, according to the customer’s expectations with a total adaptation of the products.

If you are interested in a tailor-made project, please contact us.

ELECTRO-pump 30L

Application : hydraulic cylinder servo-control – antenna mast deployment

Type : EMS motor – D150 3.5kW – 6cc pump – 90L tank – 6DE function 

Voltage : 24Vdc

Pressure : 12L/min at 250 bar


ELECTRO-pump gh100


Application : deployment of an antenna mast

Type : 4kW motor – 400 Vac with variable speed drive – 8cc pump – 100L tank – 9DE function

Hydraulic/pressure flow : 12L/min at 150 bar

Electro-pump gh160

Voltage  : Three-phase 400 Vac

Power : 4kw

Capacity : 160 litres

Max pressure : 250 bars

Flow : according to need

electro-pump d150 3.5kw

D150 3.5kw EMS concept

Type : EMS motor – D150 3.5kW – 6cc pump

Voltage : 24Vdc

Hydraulic/pressure flow : 12l/min at 150 bar


ELECTRO-pump D150 5kw


Type : Ems motor – D150 5kW – 8cc pump

Voltage : 24Vdc

Air/pressure flow : 15l/min at 150 bar