EMS Concept : Compresseur monocylindre à bain d'huile

Compresseur S13/LS55-L 12VDC

EMS Concept : hydrocompresseur Agricole pour pulvérisation

Hydrocompresseur GS35/MH19A

EMS Concept : Compresseur Brushless Oilless bicylindre

Compresseur PTO500 BLPM Brushless

EMS Concept : Compresseur Oilless bicylindre

Compresseur PTO650/D150




EMS Concept

Due to the worldwide pandemic raging in the national territory and in accordance with the measures announced by the President of the Republic, the company is in partial operation for an indefinite period.

All your current requests will be treated as soon as possible, our commercial advisers remain at your disposal to answer your questions and find solutions if necessary.

Stay informed on the development of the situation: https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus

EMS Concept is THE Alsatian specialist in pneumatic and hydraulic solutions.  We are a company born in Saverne (67), half an hour from Strasbourg, and started our activity in the 1950s. Initially motor manufacturers, we quickly specialized in the making of pumps and compressors for the many regional industries. Thanks to this long experience, our employees are able to best meet the needs of professionals in industry, construction, transport and many others...

Here are some examples of the services we can provide to our clients :


Hydraulic power and motor pump units: servo-control of cylinders on vehicles, lifting of tippers, aerial work platforms, steering assistance, emergency brake control, safety group (opening doors, closing valves) servo-control of portable high-pressure tools, etc....


Air compressors: opening of doors, braking and suspension circuits on vehicles, control of safety devices, remote inflation, blasting compressor and lubrication for tramways etc....


Hydraulically driven generator: servo-control of hand-held power tools. Available voltages 230 or 400 V.

Transfer pumps: for usual, loaded, viscous liquids, etc...

Other concepts can be realized with single-phase, three-phase, hydraulic and thermal motors. These meet specifications from all sectors.



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